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This Tamba Hali quote on Chris Jones will make Chiefs fans drool

Among my winners and losers from the Chiefs win over the Chargers was rookie defensive lineman Chris Jones. I don’t remember in my lifetime seeing another interior player who can rush the passer as well as he can. Like Tyreek Hill’s speed, this jumps out at me. It’s just not something we in Kansas City have seen very much.

It’s changing the Chiefs defense. They already had a good defensive line but they were beat up with injuries and the line’s strengths wasn’t in the pass rushing department. Jones is a highly energetic player who can win one on one matchups and get in the backfield. You watch the Chiefs on tape and he’s a problem.

With all that said ... this quote from Tamba Hali:

I love this quote so much. I think it’s the subtle confidence here that Tamba has. Or the fact that it’s true. Gregg Rosenthal was at the game and wrote this piece which is littered with other good notes.

How good of a draft was this for Chiefs GM John Dorsey? I’m not sure Chris Jones is even the best rookie on the team. That honor could go to Tyreek Hill. And Jones is amazing! What a year...

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