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NFL Draft order 2017: Chiefs will pick 27th

The Kansas City Chiefs traded out of the first round last year and still picked up first round quality in defensive lineman Chris Jones and some extra draft picks (you know, recouping the third round pick that Roger Goodell stole).

The Chiefs will hope to find a quality player late in the first round this year as they’re picking 27th this year. The 2017 NFL draft order is known outside of the final four.

I’m hopeful that the Chiefs can land a good player there because Chiefs GM John Dorsey to his credit has nailed the Chiefs first picks in the past four years.

2013, OT Eric Fisher: Took a while but he came around and earned a contract extension. We just won’t mention what went down Sunday night ...

2014, LB Dee Ford: Same with Fisher, it took a little bit with him. Remember heading into the 2015 season when we thought both those guys were busts?

2015, CB Marcus Peters: He’s OK, I guess.

2016, DE Chris Jones: Him, too. Especially for the second round.

2017, ???

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