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The Chiefs pursuing Tony Romo would be a distraction to a draft pick

I don’t expect the Chiefs to get Tony Romo. I don’t think I even want them to get him mostly because I couldn’t trust him to be healthy. As I tell the 11-month old Heir To The Arrowhead Pride Empire when he bumps his head, the best ability is availability. Would the Chiefs have beaten the Steelers with Romo? Maybe. More likely it would’ve been Foles playing because Romo got hurt in Week 8. The Chiefs have invested in backup quarterbacks but Alex Smith, while not perfect, has been available for the most part the past four years. As the Chiefs have learned the past two postseasons, being healthy is a big deal.

I say all that because we will hear folks talk about Tony Romo until the Cowboys do something with him this offseason. People will talk because there are outlets like Odds Shark that will actually post odds on Romo’s next team. The Chiefs are among those listed.

In what scenario would I want Romo? In a short-term situation where the Chiefs have drafted someone and might need a year or two. The key words there: Draft someone. Romo is a short-term distraction to a draft pick. Are we sure he’s that much better than Alex Smith right now? He’s 36 years old with four starts in the past two years. Let’s be honest with ourselves when looking at him. He is better but that doesn’t matter if you’re starting his backup when he goes down.

These odds have Denver being the top landing spot followed by Houston. Either of those rosters is ready to win with a decent quarterback. The Jets, with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, are another good option.

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