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Mike Vrabel’s star continues to rise

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Remember Mike Vrabel? He came to the Kansas City Chiefs as part of the Matt Cassel trade. He was the “coach on the field” or whatever you want to call him. The veteran of the group who tried to show everyone in KC what the Patriots Way was ... or something like that.

Anyway, I mention Vrabel because - and this won’t shock you - he is a great coach. He had that written all over him. He was coaching the linebackers in Houston and now he’s been promoted to defensive coordinator.

More Chiefs ties: former Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is (was) the defensive coordinator there. Incredibly, Vrabel already has a head coaching interview under his belt despite not yet being a coordinator. He interviewed for the Rams job this year. That should give you an indication of his future. He will be a head coach sooner rather than later.