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Was that Eric Berry’s last game as a Chief?

The Kansas City Chiefs season is over at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFL moves quickly and so do we looking ahead to the offseason where the one story line will dominate: Eric Berry.

Berry is under the franchise tag which means he’ll hit free agency in March if the Chiefs don’t tag him again or sign him to a new contract. They tried to sign him last year but they reportedly weren’t close to a deal.

The Chiefs are in a tough spot. Tagging Berry again would be around $13 million. He had an All-Pro season so he has all kinds of leverage here. That’s what makes me nervous. Berry can rightfully ask for a lot of money, more than the Chiefs probably want to pay.

I know I keep saying it but after this season and the impact he had, I can’t imagine him playing elsewhere. Andy Reid called him the leader of the team after the game. This team would be totally different without him. Imagine Marcus Peters without him. Imagine someone else trying to pick this team up at halftime. It would be weird.

The Chiefs will have an opportunity to tag him again in February. We’ll see if they take it.

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