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Chiefs’ Jeremy Maclin says this is the best team he’s been on, and that’s why this hurts

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of “This is why this game hurts so much” moments along the way. I have one from KC Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin.

Maclin spoke to reporters after the game and this comment helped explain why it hurts so much for this team this year:

“This is the best football team I have played on, by far,” Maclin said. “We have nobody to blame but ourselves.”

This is a good team. But is that it, they’re merely good? We’ve seen this before in 2013 and 2015 with Chiefs playoff teams. The difference with those teams is that they didn’t have the resume this team did. The Chiefs had some of the most impressive wins this year against some of the NFL’s best teams. They beat great offenses and great defenses. They were tested all the way around.

I thought that was the difference. That’s what made this team unique. Maclin said it earlier this year - he thought the Chiefs were “battle-tested”.

So did I.

It's Game Time.

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