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One stat that sums up the Chiefs house of playoff horrors

The Chiefs have finished 13-3 with a first round bye three times. They lost in the first round each time. It felt different then this time that the Chiefs got a first round bye but with a 12-4 record and avoiding the 13-3 curse. I know it sounds stupid but these are things fans think about.

Spoiler: it’s not any different.

Well, it is different. The Chiefs lost a different painful way this year. The Eric Fisher Hold Game now slides neatly into the Chiefs house of playoff horrors.

The Chiefs scored two more touchdowns than their opponent and lost. It’s not just that the Chiefs lose but they have to do it like this. They do it in a way where folks at the water cooler are all talking about how crazy it was that the Chiefs lost LIKE THIS.

There is a stat that the KC Star’s Sam Mellinger put in his column and it’s a hell of a stat. I don’t mean that in a good way.

Those two losses? Tampa Bay and Tennessee this year.

If there is any one stat that sums up the horror that is the Chiefs in the playoffs, that is it. (Also, read Sam’s column. It’s predictably terrific)

It's Game Time.

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