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Ben Roethlisberger says Arrowhead was “deafening”

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There was talk coming into the Chiefs home playoff game that Arrowhead would play a factor. It did play a factor but not enough for a Chiefs win.

Ticket prices dropped a few days before the game and then they moved it to a night game. The prices went back up and on my walk through the parking lot before the game I could tell it would be a good crowd.

There were some Steelers fans there but not half or whatever someone out there in the national media was saying (I had a bunch of people asking me, “Is it true half the stadium is Steelers fans?” No)

“That is a loud place,” Big Ben said. “I said that going into this week that I told guys ‘This is the loudest place I have ever played.’ That is no disrespect to Seattle. I know one of the two places hold the record, but it was deafening out there.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter.