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Steelers-Chiefs final score: 18-16 loss ends Kansas City’s season

That one hurts. The Chiefs weren’t good enough and lost to the Steelers, 18-16. Pittsburgh won with six field goals.

Final stats are here.

Eric Fisher’s penalty was killer

There were a lot of points when this game went the wrong way but Fisher’s penalty is at the top. The Chiefs had just scored with 2:43 left in the game and needed to go for two to tie the game at 18. The Chiefs completed the two point conversion to Demetrius Harris but the refs called holding on Eric Fisher. BRUTAL penalty.

Le’Veon Bell was unstoppable

The only thing that could stop Bell was the Steelers when they didn’t run a play for him. Bell’s patient running style is so frustrating but so effective. He had over 100 yards at halftime - more than the Chiefs had at halftime.

The Chiefs offense wasn’t good enough

The defense was good enough by holding the Steelers to field goals instead of touchdowns. But the offense wasn’t. The Chiefs did nothing after the first drive and until the fourth quarter.

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