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The great Chiefs playoff game ice storm: Pictures, video and jokes

Let’s hear how the great ice storm of 2017 hit your house. Over here at mine in the city, the side streets are very icy but the main roads aren’t too bad. The dogs don’t want to walk on the sidewalk (which means Sheldon will poop inside. Damn it). I was able to drive in it this morning. I am hearing it’s worse in other parts outside the city but it doesn’t appear to be the catastrophe that the meteorologists said it would be.

The Chiefs have a tarp over the field at Arrowhead to protect it as much as they can. They also re-sodded the middle section of the field and have a heating system under the field. I think the field will be in pretty good shape.

Here’s a look at the process of getting the field ready.

I came across this video on YouTube which looks like some of the prep work at Arrowhead.

This is what your windshield looked like if you didn’t park in a garage. So it is icy. They just did a nice job preparing for it I think.

It looks like this video is from Saturday. I’m not saying there’s no ice.

This is how some of those meteorologists is saying.

It's Game Time.

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