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NFL playoff picks: Chiefs after the bye vs. the hot Steelers

The Arrowhead Pride staff makes their picks for the Steelers-Chiefs playoff game at Arrowhead this weekend...

Chiefs 23 Steelers 19

I have no idea. And neither do you. That’s why I can’t wait for this one. Give me a Chiefs win. -Joel Thorman

Steelers 24 Chiefs 30

I'm all in on this season. The Steelers were able to capitalize on a series of extremely unusual mistakes by the Chiefs the last time they met. They've definitely got a scary offense, but it should be noted that it's an offense that depends on Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown to basically be superheroes to put up points. I don't know if they can perform at THAT level against a good defense in consecutive weeks. Big Ben is a different quarterback on the road this year, and they're not playing a Miami team that will melt down in winter conditions. I think the defense has a tough time stopping them, but I also have a feeling Playoff Alex shows up and reminds us why we reference Playoff Alex. -MNchiefsfan

Steelers 21 Chiefs 24

The Chiefs should be rested and healthy. They are at home, the weather may be bad and the crowd should be crazy. When firing on all cylinders, they are VERY tough to beat. If they execute, they win - regardless of the talent lined up on the Pittsburgh offense. At various times, we've seen the Chiefs be opportunistic, explosive and solid in each phase of the game. As long as they win on multiple phases this week, they'll get the chance to go to New England. -stagdsp

Steelers 14 Chiefs 24

It’s the bye week. The level of health. The overall talent level at every position. The return of Justin Houston. The secondary has looked great. The pass rush should be stout. The Chiefs have grown up a bit in recent weeks and seem they’re putting it all together. That’s good, because the Steelers are clearly on fire, which means something has to give. But I’m going to imagine that Andy Reid’s staff have been doing nothing but scheming to stop both Bell and Brown and that’s going to equal a conference championship appearance. -Matt Conner

Steelers 21 Chiefs 16

The ice storm will ruin this game for the Chiefs, who won't be able to run the ball against a front seven that destroyed a far better Dolphins running game last week. The super-athletic Ryan Shazier didn't even play in the first game against KC, and we know how that went.

The weather conditions will make it difficult to move the ball through the air for everyone, giving the team with the best back in football a huge advantage. The Chiefs will be one-dimensional on offense, and that spells doom for Alex Smith against a very good Pittsburgh secondary, and a pass rush that leads the NFL in sacks since Week 9 (30 including last week's playoff game).

Besides, Andy Reid has only beaten Ben Roethlisberger once in five career attempts, and is 1-7 against teams that beat him by 14-plus in a prior matchup that season. This was over before it began. The Chiefs are simply overmatched against the best team in the NFL. The Steelers will beat the Patriots next week. -Clay Wendler

Steelers 20 Chiefs 41

Team A loses big on the road to Team B early in the season. They meet again in the playoffs on Team A's field after Team A has a week to rest key starters. Team A learns from earlier loss, and blows out Team B.

What the Steelers did to the Dolphins, the Chiefs will do to the Steelers. The Chiefs just have too many weapons on both O and D, and all are healthy and at the top of their game. Alex Smith and Andy Reid will be in Playoff Mode. The Chiefs blowout win will seem obvious in retrospect. -Nathan

Steelers 17 Chiefs 31

Don't f%#& with Andy Reid after the bye. -Super_G

It's Game Time.

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