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Trent Green said “word on the street” is Steelers-Chiefs game will be moved back, nothing official yet

UPDATE: It’s official. Sunday night.

I asked the Chiefs this morning if there were any active plans to move the time or date of the Steelers-Chiefs playoff game due to the incoming ice storm. The Chiefs said there were no plans right now.

That was this morning. Fast forward to this afternoon and we have this from Trent Green, who might have the scoop of the year:

I have asked the Chiefs for comment and will update if / when there’s something official either way. Trent is obviously not just a guy. He’s the Chiefs former quarterback and a commentator for CBS.

The ice storm is expected to be at its worse overnight on Saturday and into Sunday morning. Things will warm up on Sunday so moving it to Sunday night could give it time to thaw out. The Packers-Cowboys game is at 3:40 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Sunday, the only other game that day.

Let’s wait to hear something official.

It's Game Time.

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