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Melissa Etheridge made an Alex Smith long song. Here are the lyrics

Melissa Etheridge is a Chiefs fan. If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen her tweeting about the Chiefs. She even follows me on Twitter!

She was on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football this morning and whipped out an Alex Smith love song. Very clever.

The song with the lyrics below...

Alex Smith, I love you

Alex Smith, I love you

You’re my kinda guy

I know that sounds a little strange

Because I’m not even bi

I grew up in Kansas

The Chiefs deep in my blood

I’ve seen some wins and losses in the snow, the rain and mud

I even watched our Super Bowl sitting on my daddy’s knee

You know, we’ve never even been there again since 1970

Alex Smith, I love you

You’re gonna win it big

With Tyreek and Travis and Eric and Justin

You even got the Hungry Pig

Alex, babe, don’t worry

My wife, she isn’t caring

Because while I’m into you, my love

She’s so into Aaron

Alex Smith, I love you

You’re the man for me

Now, wait, maybe there is one more

His name is Andy Reid

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