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Chiefs have no plans right now to move the Steelers game due to ice storm

With all this hype over the ice storm, I’ve received a number of questions from folks on whether the Chiefs or the NFL would move the game time or day of Sunday’s playoff game against the Steelers at Arrowhead.

As of Friday morning, the Chiefs are saying there are no plans to move the game. That’s what I expected. I can’t remember many times when a game time was moved due to weather.

There would be some many complications by moving the game time. What do you do with NBC, who is airing the game? What about the people who bought tickets and flew in for this game? Do they get refunds? What about the stadium workers? Or the short rest for the AFC Championship game if it goes to Monday?

Safety should be the priority but those complications exist as well. I’m not expecting any changes between now and 12 p.m. on Sunday when they kick off but we’ll see.

It's Game Time.

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