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Arrowheadlines: Major hype for ice storm, Chiefs prepare Arrowhead, Steelers news

Chiefs prepare Arrowhead Stadium, Truman Sports Complex for possible ice storm | The Kansas City Star

"It has the potential to be a pretty nasty ice storm," said Chiefs President Mark Donovan. "But it also has the potential to be a rain storm and snow. The biggest thing is we are preparing for all of them." According to The Weather Channel’s website,, Kansas City has a 90 percent chance of freezing rain on Sunday with a high temperature of 33.

Gerry Dulac's scouting report: Steelers vs. Chiefs, AFC divisional round | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Chiefs wanted to get more "chunk" pass plays this season, and they’ve received that from Hill, who has scored on rushing touchdowns of 68 and 70 yards and pass plays of 34, 36 and 38 yards. Hill has four runs of 20+ yards and three catches of 40+ yards. Maclin is the team’s best outside threat, but he has just 44 catches for 536 yards and only two TDs. His longest reception is 44 yards.

Dontari Poe's offensive play has Ben Roethlisberger impressed | ESPN

"I saw the play,’’ Roethlisberger said. "I was at home watching it. I mean this -- I’m not trying to be facetious or be silly -- I thought [it] was one of the more athletic things I’ve seen a big guy do. It’s obvious he’s going to run it in and then to jump ... it looked like a cross between a pass and a basketball shot. You can just tell he’s athletic. I mean that. If you talk to him, tell him I think it was an awesome play.

Pittsburgh, K.C. politicians make decent bet on Steelers-Chiefs | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Following the game, no matter the outcome, Fitzgerald will deliver donations made at county buildings to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and White and his staff will serve at the Kansas City Community Kitchen. The rub is that both will wear the winning team’s jersey.

Should KC Chiefs CB Marcus Peters travel to match up with top WRs, including Antonio Brown? | The Kansas City Star

"Teams aren’t going to throw at him," Nelson said of Peters. "He’s a pick machine, a ball hawk, and teams don’t like turnovers. So with that being said, knowing that the other DBs are going to get opportunities, that’s what you want — to get your name out and make plays." Peters never lets his guard down, however. "It’s a long day at the office for me, man," Peters said. "I always expect the ball to come my way. Once you get relaxed and all that, man, (it’s trouble). I like to earn my respect, you feel me? If the ball doesn’t come my way, then hey, I guess I did a little bit of my job."

Kansas City Chiefs face unique challenge in Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell | The Kansas City Star

Bell’s running style and versatility — he’s the first NFL player to average 100 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving per game in a season — also make him uncommon, and that’s why Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton didn’t bite on any comparison. "Never seen anybody like that," Sutton said. "I think it’s a unique style. He’s always done it … He can run through you, he can get outside you. "The other part of it is, once he puts his foot in the ground and goes, he’s a challenge."

Kansas City preparing for weekend ice storm ahead of Chiefs playoff |

Leaders in Kansas City know people with tickets will not want to miss out on Sunday’s home playoff game against the Steelers. They have been pre-treating the roads with brine since Tuesday, with a heavy focus on roads near Arrowhead, including Blue Ridge Cut-Off and Baytown Road.

At times, Chiefs seem touched by magic, like the Royals | The Kansas City Star

In three of the four games, all but the Falcons’ victory, the Chiefs faced a less-than 2 percent chance of victory, according to probability analytics. Lose any one of them, and the Chiefs cede the division title to the Raiders, who also finished 12-4 but lost the division tie-breaker after getting swept by the Chiefs. Any of this sound familiar?

Video: Kansas City Chiefs' pass rush must be disruptive vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | NBC Sports

Video: How the AFC West was won: Chiefs had talent, brains, guts and luck | The Kansas City Star

Interviews over, Chiefs' Dave Toub focuses on Steelers | The Kansas City Star

"Each time I do one I feel like I’ve gotten better," Toub said. "I think it’s good because the awareness that a special teams coach can actually do the job has really come to the forefront this year. I think down the road it’s only a matter of time before it gets done."

Justin Houston full practice particpant for Chiefs | The Kansas City Star

"We’d be thrilled to get a player like Justin Houston back," Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said Thursday before practice. "Not only as a player but he brings a lot to our defense, to our whole team really.

Little Tyreek Hill could have another outsized impact for Chiefs | ESPN

"Now," said Toub after being asked when he thought opponents would stop punting to Hill. "I think it’s going to happen probably this week. They’re going to try to kick it out of bounds. It’s easier said than done, though. We went through the same thing in Chicago with Devin [Hester]. The weather has a lot to do with it, what kind of pressure you put on the punter. All those things come into play."

KC city manager on potential ice storm: ‘Be prepared for the worst’ |

"One of the issues is if we're right around, if we get below freezing, that ice accumulation can really quickly build up. And the thicker that ice, the more likely it is that we're going to have more power outages and the longer they're going to be out, so we're going to be asking residents to stock up on basic necessities. We don't know how long if you lose power, how long you could be out. It could take us five, seven days. We're preparing. Those may remember that 2002 ice storm, just anticipate that. Have supplies ready. Have ice so that if you lose power you can put your perishables in a cooler. Have plenty of food on hand. Just be prepared and hopefully this will be nothing and we'll just go on through like it was nothing, but we got to be prepared for the worst," he said.

NFL playoffs: Ice storm to pose travel hazards ahead of Chiefs, Steelers game | Accu Weather

A large and potentially destructive ice storm is expected to expand across the central United States during the weekend. The storm could bring major travel hazards, especially for untreated road surfaces. Temperatures in the morning will be in the middle to upper 20s F with freezing rain falling across the Kansas City area, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the Rob Gronkowski of the Heartland | ESPN

This was Travis Kelce's last hope: a crowded house and a year of penance. He had no money, no scholarship and no prospects. He'd just been kicked off the football team at the University of Cincinnati for smoking marijuana. Before this, everything in his first 20 years always seemed to come easy. People at Cincinnati say Kelce was so talented that he probably could have played on the football, basketball and baseball teams. He could throw a 94 mph fastball barely trying. But now Kelce had nothing.

How the Kansas City Chiefs rose from 2-14 to AFC West champions in four seasons | The Kansas City Star

So, Hunt talked about consistency. Continuity. Stability. He hired a coach who worked in the same place for 14 years, and a general manager who worked in the same place for 21 of the previous 22 years, and together they’ve helped push the Chiefs to their strongest position since the 1990s. Before Reid and Dorsey arrived, the Chiefs had just four winning seasons in the previous 13. Now, they’ve had four in a row, a 43-21 run that’s better than every team in football except the Patriots, Broncos and Seahawks. What was then the league’s most volatile franchise is now one of its most secure.

Steelers vs. Chiefs 2017 odds: Kansas City slight betting chalk hosting Pittsburgh on Sunday |

Kansas City is a 1-point home favorite at Arrowhead Stadium at sportsbooks monitored by The AFC No. 2-seeded Chiefs are 11-2 SU in their last 13 games at home per the OddsShark NFL Database.

FPI says Vegas is underrating the Kansas City Chiefs | ESPN

The Kansas City defense and Pittsburgh offense each rank sixth in FPI, but since most units fare better at home than on the road, it shouldn't be surprising to know that the Chiefs hold the statistical edge. When playing at Arrowhead, the Chiefs force a league-leading 20.2 percent turnover rate, and rank in the top 10 in most per-play metrics, such as Total QBR, points per drive and Expected Points Added (EPA).

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