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A Kansas City bar is hosting a Steelers fan club, which feels wrong

A friend who traveled to the Chiefs playoff games last year told me how easy it was to book a bar for their group of Chiefs fans to meet up in Houston. The same friend said when they tried to book a bar the following week, no Boston bar would take them.

There’s a lesson here. When the enemy comes into your town, you don’t roll out the red carpet for them. That’s why I’m wondering why a Kansas City bar, Callahan’s on 87th, is hosting the Steelers fan club of Kansas City this weekend.

I saw this Facebook post from the Kansas City Steelers Fan Club and they’re making Callahan’s their home for the weekend. Tonight, Saturday night and even Sunday morning there are events. The Steelers fan club Facebook post says there is a $5 cover charge for non-Steelers fan club members to get in.

Get a load of this comment on their announcement: “The $5 charge keeps NON-Steeler fans out of our club!”

A Kansas City bar is charging Chiefs fans to get in but not Steelers fans.

(Update: Callahan’s says the fan club is charging people, not the bar.)

Listen, I’m sure these Steelers fans are good people. I respect them. But this is the playoffs. If a Kansas City bar is hosting the enemy, we need to call it out.

The $5 cover charge for Chiefs fans does go to charity, which is cool. But Callahan’s, if they’re going to be hosting the enemy, should waive that $5 cover charge and make that donation themselves. It’s the least they could do after getting in bed with the enemy.

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