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Eric Berry delivered a Ray Lewis-like speech to the Chiefs

We mentioned earlier that someone had mentioned that Eric Berry gave a speech to his Kansas City Chiefs teammates on Wednesday morning. Considering Eric Berry is the most inspiring human on Earth, I wanted to hear more about that speech.

Chris Jones made it sound like one hell of a speech.

“This morning, Eric Berry got up and made a speech,” Jones said via BJ Kissel of “[Berry said] you have to believe it in your heart, and that it all comes from within. If your heart believes, then your mind and body will follow. That touched me and made we want to play [right now]. It was like one of those Ray Lewis speeches. When that guy talks, he grasps everybody’s attention.”

You ask Berry about it and he will act like it was nothing. That’s just how he is. But a Ray Lewis speech? Imagine being one of these 22 or 23 year old players in the locker room. You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know how unique the opportunity is the Chiefs have in front of them. You have this three-time All-Pro with arguably the best story in the NFL and he’s giving a Ray Lewis-like speech?

I have a feeling we’ll be talking about this speech again.

It's Game Time.

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