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Steelers-Chiefs: National Weather Service keeps talking about how bad weather will be

I have some concern about the field at Arrowhead this weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Inclement weather is expected this weekend, including freezing rain throughout the weekend.

The Chiefs re-sodded their field and made their groundskeeper available to the media this week. They also have a heating system under the field to keep it warm. I get the feeling they want to make sure folks know the field will be in good shape.

Anyway, I say all that because of this. The National Weather Service is upping their language about the storm this weekend — “dangerous weather”.

We’ve highlighted the weather a few times this week. One reason is because I’m worried about traveling to the game on Sunday morning. I need new tires and my Toyota is awful in the snow. So, yeah, if any of you see a thin and handsome blogger stranded on the side of the road on the way into the game this weekend, please pick me up. (The holidays did a number on that thin part)

The other reason is the actual game. How icy will it be? How will the field look? Most importantly, how will this affect the Chiefs speed on the field? One thing that our old pal His Dirkness pointed out is that the Chiefs have played in plenty of bad weather this year, especially rain. There were a few home games in a row with rain. They’re used to this. The problem is that Pittsburgh isn’t Hawaii. They’re used to bad weather, too.

It's Game Time.

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