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I’ll believe Justin Houston is back BACK when I see it

Andy Reid said the Kansas City Chiefs were healthy and good to go for the Steelers game, specifically mentioning Justin Houston’s name. Chiefs fans were obviously thrilled at that news.

Except ... I don’t completely buy it. I understand that Reid said he would be healthy, that Houston has had several weeks off and that the Chiefs expect him to play. I get all that.

But it’s not like I forgot what happened last year. How Houston was supposed to come back and then was a shell of himself for eight snaps against the Patriots. Or Jamaal Charles earlier this year coming back and then going right back out. I was there for those.

Like you, I’m a fragile Chiefs fan when it comes to this stuff. If you’ve lived through your star player getting hurt, you’re not going to believe Houston is back - by back, I mean actually back and not just in uniform - until it actually happens.

I won’t fully trust Houston’s return until I see him on the field dominating. And I see a big difference between Houston is healthy enough to play and Houston dominating. The Chiefs need the latter.

Star player injured, playoff game at Arrowhead ... if you’re a Chiefs fan, you’re gonna be a little skittish this week.

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