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NFL Network host calls Chiefs homefield advantage at Arrowhead a “myth”

This comes from NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt who says the Chiefs homefield advantage at Arrowhead is a myth. I’ll just leave this here ...

“There is a myth that says you do not want to go to Arrowhead Stadium for a big game, you do not want to go for a playoff game. Here’s the thing: yes, you do. They’ve lost four in a row. Four playoff games in a row at Arrowhead. 2-4 all time.

“The last time they won a home playoff game it was Joe Montana beating Neil O’Donnell. Joe Montana! Great atmosphere there in Kansas City, great fans, great atmosphere, great volume but it is not a great advantage.

“If I’m the Steelers I want to go and bust that myth. Say, “No, we’re not worried about this, Kansas City, Arrowhead, this is a fake thing.” If I’m Kansas City, you gotta get that back. I know you have your little decibel wars with Seattle, “we’re the loudest stadium.”

“But it’s time to go and get the groove back because four in a row, greatest fans, greatest atmosphere? You can not lose five home playoff games in a row. Get that back. Use the phrase I heard someone use once, be undeniable this weekend. Get that home field advantage back because right now it looks like a myth to me.”

Well, is he right?

It's Game Time.

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