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Andy Reid tomahawk chops on his way out of the stadium

The KC Star has a cool video of Andy Reid and the Chiefs players celebrating as they walk off of the field.

Andy Reid tomahawk chopped on his walk out. I’ve seen him do that before - the Jaguars game in 2013, maybe - but it’s cool to see him get into it a little bit with the fans. He knows this is a big deal.

Marcus Peters gives his glove to a little kid. The same kid or the kid next to him also got Anthony Sherman’s gloves. Good spot to be in a road game. Hard not to give those away to the little kid up front.

Dontari Poe goes off to celebrate with the fans. The camera cuts near the end to Poe running around high-fiving the fans. By “fans” we mean all Chiefs fans because that’s basically all that was there.

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