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Chiefs mum on why Travis Kelce didn’t play first series

Something a little weird happened in the Chiefs win over the Chargers. I don’t think the TV broadcast mentioned it it but Travis Kelce didn’t play on the Chiefs first drive. It wasn’t clear why. He played later in the game so they weren’t saving him and I can’t imagine any football reasons for not playing Kelce.

That led to folks to wonder if there was something else going on, like some sort of internal discipline. Kelce nor the Chiefs would comment on it.

I’m not really worried about whatever is going on here. Andy Reid is an expert in dealing with these things. He’s been doing it a long time. Kelce, for his part, knows what’s at stake. He can have fun but he’s still a team player. I’m not worried about him if this is a thing.

My guess is we don’t hear much else about this and it’s forgotten during the Chiefs bye week.

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