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Patriots or the field? ESPN analysts say Chiefs head coach Andy Reid could be x-factor

ESPN’s pregame show spent some time talking about the AFC playoff picture. The big question is what it usually is this time of year in the AFC: Who can beat New England?

ESPN analyst and former Raider Charles Woodson went to the good guys side and said the Chiefs have a shot to beat the Patriots.

“Not because of the obvious reasons, having two of the best defensive backs in all of football in (Marcus) Peters and Eric Berry or Dee Ford and his 10 sacks and Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. To me, the x-factor is the head coach.

“If you look at last week with what he did putting Dontari Poe on the goal line at the quarterback position and then actually snapping him the ball. To me, that goes a long way to gaining the trust and love of your head coach The guy who’s willing to go out there and call and do whatever he’s gotta do to win the game. He’s got 300 pound lineman all over the league right now whose contracts are up next year and they want to play for Andy Reid.

“Every guy on that sideline you want to play for a coach like Andy Reid. They’re going to give everything they have going into these playoffs. In my opinion, most dangerous team right now.”

Randy Moss pointed at Andy Reid as well.

“If homefield advantage goes through Foxboro, you can not go up there and be scared,” Moss said. “With a guy like Andy Reid, his resume shows he’s not scared.”

No head coach in the AFC is as accomplished as Andy Reid - except for that Belichick guy.

It's Game Time.

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