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NFL playoff scenarios: Chiefs need Broncos help for first round bye

All six teams in the AFC playoff picture are locked in. We know who will be in the AFC playoffs and we know that the Steelers will be the No. 3 seed and the Texans will be the No. 4 seed. Everything else is up in the air.

There are a few scenarios we’re checking on. Obviously the top one here is what everyone wants - a first round bye and a home playoff game. The Raiders-Broncos game is a big one when it comes to the AFC West. See the NFL playoff picture for the AFC at the bottom.

Chiefs get the No. 2 seed

The Chiefs can get the No. 2 seed and a first round bye by beating the Chargers AND the Raiders losing to the Broncos. The Chiefs are 4-point favorites and the Broncos are currently a 1-point favorite over the Raiders (although one outlet currently has the Raiders as a favorite).

Chiefs get the No. 5 seed

If the Chiefs lose or if the Raiders win, the Chiefs will be the No. 5 seed. That would mean a first round matchup in Houston once again and no first round bye.

Chiefs get the No. 6 seed

This would be deflating but the Chiefs could get the No. 6 seed and travel to Pittsburgh on Wild Card weekend. If the Chiefs lose and the Dolphins beat the Patriots, the Chiefs would be the No. 6 seed and the Dolphins would be the No. 5 seed. The Chiefs go to No. 3 seed Pittsburgh in the first round. Yikes.

Raiders get the No. 1 seed

This is one to pay attention to. If the Raiders beat the Broncos and the Dolphins beat the Patriots, the Raiders will be the No. 1 seed and the Patriots will be the No. 2 seed. This is notable because if the No. 5 seed Chiefs win and the No. 3 seed Steelers win on Wild Card weekend, the Chiefs would travel to Oakland in the Divisional round and not New England. Without Derek Carr, that’s intriguing. Also, could you imagine that game?

AFC playoff picture

1. Patriots (13-2)

2. Raiders (12-3)

3. Steelers (10-5)

4. Texans (9-6)

5. Chiefs (11-4)

6. Dolphins (10-5)

See the NFC playoff picture here.

It's Game Time.

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