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NFL picks: Chiefs-Chargers, Raiders-Broncos predictions

With the Chiefs needing the Raiders to lose (and win themselves) we have decided to include the Raiders-Broncos game in our weekly picks here at Arrowhead Pride...

Chiefs 28 Chargers 17

I feel pretty good about the Chiefs winning this game. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 31 Chargers 7

This past week was the closest to a complete game we've seen from the Chiefs. The defense made life miserable for a miserable Broncos offense. The Chiefs offense didn't use their WRs at all, but relied upon Kelce and Hill to break big plays. Alex got back to running the ball, which is massive key to the success of the offense. This week, I hope to see them do a little of everything, including getting Maclin and Conley involved. Then consider pulling starters out and get ready for the playoffs. I believe they can dominate the Chargers and build confidence for the postseason run. -Stagdsp

Chiefs 27 Chargers 10

Phil Rivers will always scare me, but since the Chiefs magically conjured a legitimately solid cornerback opposite Marcus Peters out of Terrance Mitchell they've been extremely tough to throw the ball against, regardless of opponent. The Chargers have nothing but pride to play for, and in the past that's barely been enough to compete with Chiefs' backups in Week 17. The Chiefs already had a letdown game against the Titans recently (which is why they don't control their own destiny, unfortunately), so I don't see it happening again. -MNchiefsfan

Chiefs 31, Chargers 20

The Chiefs two-week offensive surge completely destroys my narrative that their offense doesn't score enough points to win the Super Bowl. With a 31-point outing against the Chargers, they will be well above the minimum (18.6 PPG) set by the Bucs in 2002. Philip Rivers gifts us with at least one hilarious turnover and good feelings abound as the team prepares for it's annual token playoff win over a backup quarterback. -Clay Wendler

Chiefs 20 Chargers 10

I think the Chiefs roll pretty easily despite some trash talk here. There’s too much on the line in terms of competition to let the guard down here in Week 17, and the entire team knows that the path in January is all about matchups. I can imagine that no one wants to play Pittsburgh before they have to. -Matt Conner

Chiefs 27 Chargers 10

Chargers are busy thinking of what they'll be doing at home next week instead of focusing on the game. This may be Mike McCoy's last game as head coach for the Chargers. Alex Smith has a really good game (he loves southern California) and Rivers throws one too many interceptions. Chiefs finish the season 12-4 and make me look smarter than I actually am. -Super_G

Chiefs 31, Chargers 17

Season-ending game against the Chargers. Didn't we do this already? Twice? And outplay their starters with mostly backups? The Chargers have little to play for, their fans probably don't care at all at this point, and they’re depleted by injuries. Andy Reid leads the team to better performances the second time he plays teams, leads the team to play better against the AFC West, and better as the season goes on. Kelce breaks Tony's season yardage record, and Hill breaks the Chiefs' rookie TD record. Gates is held out of the end zone. -Nathan

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

And now for the Raiders-Broncos...

Raiders 14 Broncos 10

I have no faith in the Broncos whatsoever at this point. They looked mentally beaten against the Chiefs. The Raiders have a "meh" defense but Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin are good enough to make that Broncos line look every bit as bad as it is. And even though I really doubt the Raiders offense will be good without Derek Carr, they do still sport a great offensive line and multiple running backs, which ought to be enough to get the job done. -MNchiefsfan

Raiders 12 Broncos 7

Raiders over the Broncos in a barnburner. -Stagdsp

Raiders 20 Broncos 30

The Broncos have nothing to play for anymore. The Raiders need the win to claim the AFC West crown. McGloin has some talent, their defense has improved significantly over the season, and the Broncos are vulnerable to the pounding running game the Raiders will likely unleash on them. However, McGloin is still a young QB facing a tough defense on the road, the Broncos hate the Raiders, and Kubiak is too good at offense for his team to stay in the slump anymore. Being at Mile High is in their favor, and the Broncos will feast on any little mistake McGloin makes to cruise to victory. -Nathan

Raiders 3 Broncos 21

Do you really think Matt McGloin is going to score on Denver's defense? Remember the Broncos just held Tom Brady to 188 yards, no TDs, and a 50 percent completion two weeks ago in Denver. The Broncos players themselves have said they're playing for pride, and they still have season goals they want to accomplish. Winning in Denver is never easy and I don't see McGloin pulling it off. The Broncos run defense will look better when they constantly stack eight in the box, daring McGloin to test them. -Super_G

Raiders 13 Broncos 16

I don’t see how the Raiders will score on them with McGloin. Let’s do this Broncos!


-Joel Thorman

Raiders 21, Broncos 14

-Matt Conner

Raiders 20, Broncos 13

-Clay Wendler

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