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Guess who’s back ... the Broncos head shots are back

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Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back ...

The Broncos head shots are back.

One of the story lines to come out of the Broncos 21-20 season opener win over the Carolina Panthers will be the head shots that the Denver defense delivered to Cam Newton. And they weren’t called either.

Watch this brief highlight clip of Cam Newton getting drilled - in the head with the crown of the Broncos helmet.

Ten years ago, this is a fun highlight video. These days we know too much about head injuries to not cringe when we see this. The worst hit was flagged but it was offset with another penalty.

For the sake of NFL player’s brains, the NFL should probably curb this. No, no, Broncos defenders, not curb stomped ... just curbed.