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Panthers-Broncos livestream, time, TV schedule and more

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The Kansas City Chiefs are not playing tonight unfortunately but the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are. (Yes, that makes me sick, too.) The Broncos will host the Carolina Panthers in the season opener. You can get some score updates at the game center. I am predicting the Broncos to win. I know, I know...Trevor Siemian is the Broncos quarterback. My thinking is that this is the home opener in Denver, coming off a Super Bowl title, the defense is still pretty good ... I see Denver winning. Also, I don’t think the Panthers are as good as last year’s 15-1 record suggests.

The details for tonight....


Game time: 7:30 p.m. (Arrowhead Time)

Location: Corporate Something Or Another Stadium, Denver, Colorado

TV channel: NBC

Broncos blog: Mile High Report

Panthers blog: Cat Scratch Reader