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Chargers say Arrowhead crowd noise plays a bigger role than you know

If we’re being honest we know that Arrowhead Stadium isn’t 142.2 decibel loud every single week. There are down games where the crowd isn’t as big or as loud as other games such as primetime games. That said, it’s the home opener this weekend. Arrowhead will be rockin’ and it will be rockin’ early.

The Chargers are preparing for Arrowhead by piping in crowd noise at practice, according to ESPN’s Chargers writer Eric Williams who quotes Antonio Gates talking about the challenges of playing at Arrowhead.

“I’m telling you, it plays a bigger role than what people may know,” Gates said via “It’s very loud in that stadium, and you can sense that energy gives them an extra boost and motivation. And that’s what makes it a very tough place to play.”

The energy boost can’t be seen but it’s very real. Think of some of the games between the Chiefs and Chargers in recent years. The New Arrowhead home opener. The Phumble on Halloween. Any of the last four games which the Chiefs have all won. The crowd plays a role.

“I’ve played at Arrowhead a bunch of times,” Gates continued, “and it’s very difficult to hear what’s being called and what’s being checked to. Obviously if we check to a run and you run a route, the guy makes a play in the backfield and you hear that crowd get even louder.”

Here’s to hoping Philip Rivers sees the worst day ever once again.

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