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NFL power rankings Week 1: Broncos blog puts Chiefs ahead of Denver

Where does a Denver Broncos blog put the Kansas City Chiefs in the initial edition of 2016 NFL power rankings? Ahead of the Broncos, of course! SB Nation’s Broncos blog Mile High Report posted their own power rankings and in a nod of respect have the KC Chiefs at No. 4 and the Broncos at No. 5. I can respect MHR for recognizing reality — that the Chiefs are a better team than Denver. The Broncos defense is better, sure. But the Chiefs team appears to be better right now. Keep an eye on the comments at MHR here.

(Pausing here to let the Broncos fans calm down)

Meanwhile, SB Nation’s Week 1 NFL power rankings aren’t as kind. They have the Chiefs ranked No. 12 behind Oakland AND Denver. The Raiders are No. 9 while the Broncos are No. 10. This is the year of Raider love, I guess. SB Nation isn’t alone in predicting Oakland takes a major step forward. I was just getting my driving license the last time the Raiders were playoff bound so excuse me if I want them to show me first (I am from Missouri, after all).

(Pausing here to let the Chiefs fans calm down)

Bovada recently posted the odds for each team to finish with the NFL’s best record. Seven teams were ahead of the Chiefs, who had slightly better odds than the Broncos. That sounds about right to me. The Chiefs should be right around the top 10. They’re a very good team but not an elite team - yet. They need a playoff win multiple years in a row or a deep playoff run this year to climb the ladder.

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