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Chiefs are without both starting corners at Thursday’s practice

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Is it good to have both of your starting corners out of practice three days before the game? No, it is not.

The Kansas City Chiefs better hope Marcus Peters gets over the flu and Phillip Gaines’ sore knee heals up because they were both out of practice on Thursday.

Unless this is some flu strain that cannot be stopped, I would think Peters will be OK by Sunday. That’s three more days of rest for him. I’m not going to be too concerned about this until the Chiefs give us a reason to be concerned.

As for Gaines, he tweaked his knee last week. He was limited on Wednesday but missed practice on Thursday. Rest day? We’ll see. Here’s what Reid said after the game last weekend: “He’s going to be okay. His knee got tweaked just like it did in practice. He’ll be fine this week as we go forward.”