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Andy Reid’s food for thought, Week 3 vs. Jets

I have a son who turns two on October 2 and we have been trying to potty train him here and there. Before the game started he went number two in the potty for the first time. Confused and not knowing what to do he stood up mid-poop, wandered around, and sat back down on his potty.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my son was trying to offer some foreshadowing as to how Ryan Fitzpatrick would play that day. The Chiefs Week 3 game against the Jets will be known forever as the Shitzpatrick day in our home.

Really Good Cheeseburger of the Week

This is how many of us wanted Travis Kelce to be used in the first two weeks. Look as Albert Wilson and Jeremy Maclin draw defenders out of their area to leave a wide open area for Kelce to work with. I don’t care who the linebacker is, there was no stopping Kelce on this play.

This should be a bread and butter component of the Chiefs offense. With Kelce’s athleticism this would cause problems for any defense and I hope the Chiefs continue to utilize Kelce crossing over the middle after the wide receivers clear the defenders out.

Sweet and Sour Pork of the Week

(Note: Andy Reid mentioned sweet and sour pork on Wednesday!)

DJ played like a super hero against the Jets. If he continues playing like this all season he should be a defensive player of the year candidate — that is if Marcus Peters doesn’t end up with 20 interceptions.

Could you imagine how big Matt Forte’s eyes must have been when he saw the massive hole open up to his left? A lot of people use the phrase You could have driven a truck through that hole. Often it's an exaggeration but in this case you literally could have driven a truck through that hole.

DJ’s phenomenal tackle stopped a run that would have gone for at least 10 yards if not more.


Late in the game DJ Alexander absolutely lit up the Jets punt returner. I’m sure people heard the collision in the 300 level seats at Arrowhead. Nothing wrong with some good, clean, hard hitting football — as long as it’s one of the Chiefs doing the hitting.

Food Fight!

Last week mustard beat ketchup by a score of 54% to 46%.

This weeks food fight comes from AP user severn58: Tacos vs Pizza.

For me this isn’t even a challenge, it’s pizza all the way. Stuffed crust pizza is the best pizza on the face of the Earth and would beat the pants off of any taco I could ever have. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tacos, but pizza wins hands down according to my taste buds.

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