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Geoff Schwartz talked about fast food Friday with Chiefs and gaining 17 pounds in 3 days

Geoff Schwartz has a podcast and he talked about the time in Kansas City with the Chiefs that he gained 17 pounds in three days. I tallied up his meals it’s pretty remarkable, really. Listen to his podcast here.

He started at 332 pounds.


Breakfast: Kolaches “Dough balls stuffed with eggs, bacon and sausage.”

Lunch: Fried chicken, pizza, fried shrimp, lasagna ... “The tradition is slowly dying in the NFL but you have fast food Friday ... people are going away from this more and more because of health reasons. It’s not a good meal to have two days before the game.”

Dinner: Sushi.


Breakfast: McDonald’s. “Probably a McGriddle.”

Lunch: Red Robin cheeseburgers (on the plane to Jacksonville)

Dinner: Dave and Busters. “I don’t think I even had very much at Dave and Busters.”

Snack: “Snack at night has also changed but used to be wings, pizza, sundaes, fries, pasta ... it’s really remarkable how bad we used to eat.”


Breakfast: Not much before the game, he said.

Pregame: Two bags of fluid (hot in Jacksonville)

Lunch: Cheeseburger on the plane home.

Dinner: Sushi.


“I wake up in the morning, go to the facility, 349.”

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