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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 9/27

Tuesday's KC Chiefs news

Chiefs sound most optimistic yet on Jamaal Charles' possible return | ESPN

That’s far from any kind of promise that Charles would play against the Steelers. But it’s still optimistic compared to Reid’s answer on the question from the previous three Mondays. From Sept. 19: "I wouldn’t rule it out.’’ From Sept. 12: "I don’t know that. From Sept. 5: "It would be a stretch for him to play on Sunday.’’

Andy Reid faces an interesting decision with Jamaal Charles | ESPN

The Chiefs would more likely get Charles involved in some sort of playing rotation. It makes more sense that the rotation would also involve Ware more than West. Not only has Ware been more productive than West but his physical style would give the Chiefs more of a change of pace than if they split playing time between Charles and West.

Chiefs CB Marcus Peters in rare class with interceptions | Chiefs Digest

Since 1960, only five players, including two Hall of Famers, have reached a dozen interceptions in their first two seasons faster than Peters. Hall of Fame safety Paul Krause ranks as the fastest player to that mark since 1960, recording his 12th interception in the 12th game of his rookie season, according to statistics from the Pro Football Reference database. Krause had 14 interceptions by his 19th career game. He finished his 16-year career with an NFL-record 81 interceptions for Washington and Minnesota.

Most Chiefs fans say parking was ‘problem-free’ at Arrowhead |

"Outside the fact that we just had to loop around after getting off the interstate, there was no issue. I'd say it took us about 15 minutes to hit the first gate and get to our parking space," Dave explained. The Mays took the Chiefs camp's advice and bought their parking pass online. As a result, Danielle said they avoided paying an additional $10 at the gate and didn't run into any parking problems.

Chiefs' Marcus Peters impressive despite youth | Mercury News

Also noteworthy is Peters’ support for the civil rights protest started by Colin Kaepernick. Peters has been raising his right fist during the national anthem. Then, once the game starts, he raises the value of the Chiefs defense.

New York Jets: The epic fail of Matt Forte against the Chiefs | The Jet Press

All signs pointed to Forte exploding this week, and he did the complete opposite. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you his statistics from this week’s game. Forte had 15 carries, which is half of his previous weeks. He had only 65 rushing yards, and -1 receiving yards on two receptions, yes negative.

Photo Gallery: Tony Richardson Hall of Fame Halftime Ceremony |

Travis Kelce Puts Together Strong Performance on Sunday |

"You know, I think coach did a great job moving him around and not letting defensives zero in on him as much," quarterback Alex Smith said after the game. "To be honest, I think it comes down to the other guys making plays – especially early. It allowed [Kelce] to be singled up at times. "He’s just a heck of a player. He wins a majority of the time."

For Chiefs offense, end zone has become elusive | The KC Star

The one touchdown scored by the Chiefs offense was its first since the opening game, and Reid saw other indications of improved play.

Smith turned in his best passer rating (105.2) of the season based largely on 25 of 33 completions for 237 yards and no interceptions. The Chiefs won time of possession.

"You could argue that this was one of the better defensive lines that we'll play," Reid said. "I thought the guys handled themselves well ... but we have to do a better job there."

Chiefs make six interceptions, do something many of us doubted they were capable of doing | The KC Star

It is a mixed bag of whatever point you want to make, and to some extent this one is too. Maybe you think the Jets are a fraud, and that Fitzpatrick is a buffoon, and that the Chiefs' offense has now played roughly three good quarters (plus an overtime) out of 12. Jets coach Todd Bowles called it "an ass kicking," and used a higher level of curse word six different times in his postgame press conference.

That's true, and so is this: the Jets scored 59 points in their first two games (more than the Eagles, Broncos, and Colts, among others), have one of the league's best group of receivers, and had not scored fewer than 17 points since the current coaches arrived last year.

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