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The Chiefs dominated so much the Jets coach threw out some cuss words after the game

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions and the New York Jets added two more turnovers in an eight-turnover game. The Kansas City Chiefs clearly had a lot more fun than the Jets and that was shown in Jets coach Todd Bowles’ postgame press conference.

So, coach, what happened?

“I don’t know,” Bowles said. “Threw interceptions, we turned it over and the entire offense, the defense, special teams, it wasn’t just Ryan. I can name a bunch of people and I can start with the coaches too. It was a (expletive) game plan, (expletive) execution, and it was (expletive) all around.”

Time for some mad libs!

It was a (noun) game plan, (adjective) execution, and it was (plural noun) all around.”

It was a donkey game plan, craptastic execution, and it was ducks all around.

He wasn’t done.

“It was a (expletive) game plan obviously by the score and the execution it was (expletive), you can’t point to one thing,” Bowles said. “You have to get back to the drawing board and coach better.”

When you’ve got the opposing coach throwing out cuss words, you’ve done a good job.

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