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Marcus Peters makes a couple more statements on and off the field

Marcus Peters made a few more statements in Sunday’s win over the Jets. A couple were football statements with his two interceptions and a couple more were statements following up on his raised first during the National Anthem in Week 1.

First, the interceptions

The first interception came on third and eight on the Jets second drive. Peters is so good at keeping his eyes in the backfield and watching the quarterback which is what he did here. He jumped the route and made the play. “They’re just a good defense that keeps their eye on the quarterback and they did a decent job of that,” Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick said.

The second interception was actually pretty big. You look at the score and don’t think that’s the case but in the fourth quarter with about eight minutes left it was 17-3 in favor of the Chiefs. The Jets were in the red zone driving. Tamba Hali came free off the edge and forced Fitzpatrick to step up in the pocket. He tried to make what he called a “hero” play and it was tipped and then intercepted by Peters.

Peters is so freakin’ good. We are watching a guy who is on the track to greatness.

Second, the hands up

Peters put his hands up after both of his interceptions. I didn’t notice it at the time (or else I would have asked) but I did overhear the KC Star’s Sam Mellinger ask him about the “Hands up” as he was walking away and Peters said, “That was a great celebration.”

The first one:

And you can see him down there on the second one:

Third, the shirt

The Black Panthers were founded in 1966 by Huey Newton, which is the reference on Peters’ postgame shirt. I did some googling and the Black Panthers were founded in Oakland, which is where Peters comes from.

Peters spoke after he raised his fist during the National Anthem in Week 1. You can read what he had to say about that here.

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