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Derrick Johnson’s interception was my favorite Chiefs turnover

In an eight-turnover game there are a lot of good moments. Great moments even. I’m not sure there was a moment better than Derrick Johnson’s interception and subsequent return for a touchdown.

The old man still has it, huh? I joke about calling him an old man because he’s 33 but most of the league wishes they could play like this old man.

DJ is the type who can have a sack one week and then play along the boundary covering a running back when they’re five wide. He is so versatile. He spoke after the game about his interception and touchdown return.

“Most of the game, I was on the back, one on one,” DJ said. “I tried to give them a different look to see if Fitzpatrick wasn’t going to throw it to him. They tried to pick me and I can’t remember, I ran over the pick or under the pick from the outside receiver and he tried to back-shoulder the running back. He thought he could dart it in there.”

DJ said he was kicking himself on the Eric Berry interception because he should’ve had that (he was the one who tipped it).

“Usually on man coverage,” DJ continued, “it is hard to get an interception because your back is turned and you are one on one. Zone coverage, I like that more because you can see the quarterback, read the quarterback and try to pick a ball.”

“I saw this old guy intercept one at the end there,” Andy Reid said after the game, “and he ran a long way. He looked like he was about 20, so it was pretty good. That got me going. I don’t know if it got everyone else going, but it got me going.”

Love seeing Happy Big Red.

“I was loving it, loving it,” Alex Smith said of DJ’s touchdown. “For one, I’m like a little bit nervous with the defenders running the ball because I’m just thinking, hold on to the ball. I love that he was able to finish it off though. He’s got that ability and he’s got such good ball skills for a linebacker, so definitely not surprised.”

With the number of interceptions DJ has dropped, I’m glad he held onto this one and scored.

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