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Chiefs, Raiders trail the Broncos in the AFC West

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Looking around the AFC West after the Kansas City Chiefs sit at 2-1 after beating the New York Jets...

3-0 Broncos beat the Bengals, 29-17

Trevor Siemian threw for 312 yards and four touchdowns which ... well, that’s pretty good. I guess. If you’re into “touchdowns”. Unfortunately it appears that Siemian is decent.

2-1 Raiders beat the Titans, 17-10

The Titans had some success running the ball but Marcus Mariota threw two picks in the loss. The Raiders defense was better in this game but that defense will make things interesting this year.

1-2 Chargers lose to Colts, 26-22

The Colts came from behind to win. 26-of-39 for 330 yards for Philip Rivers ... and no touchdowns. It’s going to be a long season for the Chargers. They’re just good enough to make it hurt.