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Alex Smith can move into fourth place on all-time Chiefs wins list

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Elvis Grbac #11

Alex Smith isn’t known for his stats but he continues to move up in the Kansas City Chiefs record books, which says a lot about the Chiefs history of quarterbacks.

Alex is tied with Mike Livingston and Steve Deberg for 31 wins as a Chief. That’s a tie for fourth place. With a win, Alex can move into sole ownership of fourth place for quarterback wins.

The next closest is Bill Kenney with 34, Trent Green with 48 and Len Dawson with 93.

He will pass Elvis Grbac in a couple of other spots on Sunday. With 30 more passing yards, he will pass rbac and move into sixth place. With 21 more passing attempts, he will pass Grbac for sixth place on attempts.

These aren’t exactly major career milestones but they’re still notable. Alex and Grbac threw a similar number of passes and played a similar number of games so it’s a fun comparison between those two. Remember when Grbac was the savior? Good times.

Check out those stats here.