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NFL picks Week 3: Experts split on Chiefs and Jets

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I am one of the “expect” pickers for SB Nation’s NFL picks each week and I have the Kansas City Chiefs winning. But just barely. I probably wouldn’t pick them if they were on the road. This is a coin toss game to me. The Jets do match up well enough against the Chiefs with that defensive line and the ability to stretch the field. If the Jets avoid turnovers, this could be a difficult game for the Chiefs. The same goes for the Chiefs though. They’re very capable of playing well and winning. I almost expect it at this point after a couple of stinkers.

Links to a few other picks for Week 3:

Six of the nine folks at SB Nation are picking the Chiefs to win.

Over at ESPN, seven of the nine experts pick the Chiefs to win.

CBS Sports is split with four picking the Chiefs and four picking the Jets. Anyone surprised that Royals hater Jason La Canfora picked the Jets?

The Ringer has the Jets winning, saying this is a great matchup for the Jets. has the Chiefs winners by two points.