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Chiefs secondary giving up big size advantage to Jets receivers

There was a lot of talk early on in John Dorsey’s tenure in Kansas City that the Chiefs would only bring in corners that were 6’0 or taller. It turns out we were off by a couple of inches. The Mendoza line as Dorsey called it is actually 5’10. That’s still a good size for an NFL corner but the Chiefs opponents on Sunday feature receivers that are much bigger than that.

Brandon Marshall in particular is known not just for his size (6’4 and 230 pounds) but also knowing how to use it. He’s one of the best at using his body to get in position to make a catch. Phillip Gaines gives up nearly 40 pounds to him. You think the Jets are just going to ignore that? I do like the match up with Marcus Peters (about 200 pounds) a little better because you think he can get his hands on it at some point.

I bet we’re going to hear about this at some point during the broadcast on Sunday. Let’s see if the Chiefs are ready for it.

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