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What do we make of the Patriots pounding the Texans with their third string QB?

The Patriots have now won two games in two weeks with quarterbacks they drafted. The Chiefs haven’t done that since 1987.

The Chiefs lost to the Texans 19-12 while the Patriots stomped them 27-0 on Thursday night. What does this say about the Chiefs?

There were differences between the games. The Texans were not only on the road, it was on a short week too. Imagine a primetime game at Arrowhead with the opponent traveling on short rest. Probably a different game, right?

The Chiefs were also without two of their best players in Jamaal Charles and Justin Houston. That (and more) is canceled out by the Patriots playing with their string string quarterback Jacoby Brissett. His numbers were not impressive - 11-of-19 for 103 yards - but he didn’t turn it over. If the Chiefs have two turnovers in that game instead of three, maybe it’s different.

This really comes down to one big difference: coaching.

Now I think Andy Reid is a hell of a coach. One of the better ones of my generation actually. His longevity and consistent winning is pretty damn impressive. I’m very happy with the job he’s done in Kansas City.

You know who’s more impressive? Bill Belichick. The best coach of my generation and it’s not close. JJ Watt was disruptive against the Chiefs, who have one of the best right tackles in the game to handle him. I’m not even sure if JJ Watt played last night against the Patriots. He has zero sacks in four career games against the Patriots and 76 sacks in 79 games against other teams. It’s not a fluke. The Patriots own the best defensive player of my generation (ugh, that made me sick to say that). That says it all. He was completely shut down.

GOAT performance from Belichick last night.

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