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Chiefs say Darrelle Revis’s decline is being overblown

If you listened to the news over the past few weeks you might think the Kansas City Chiefs are catching a break facing cornerback Darrelle Revis because he has begun to decline. Revis has given up a couple of touchdowns in the first two games leading to reports that Revis is no longer elite.

The Chiefs aren’t buying this.

"Listen, I know they're saying he got beat," Chiefs coach Andy Reid told the New York media via "Maybe he gets beat one time. But the ones that people are saying, he didn't have help on. There weren't people in the middle of the field. So that's not his responsibility. I think that gets blown out of proportion. He looks pretty good me. He looks pretty stinking good."

Andy must’ve been talking to Alex Smith because he said the same thing.

“I think a lot of that’s been overblown,” Alex said via quotes from the Chiefs. “Watching him on film, he’s a good player. He has good eyes, good feet, sees things well and he’s smart. I know there’s been two deep balls caught on him -- one I’m not sure if you can totally put on him. That’s not what the media sees so some of it’s a little overblown.”

It does the Chiefs no good to say, “Yeah, Revis sucks now!” What’s the point in giving him extra motivation? Andy Reid is always very complimentary of the upcoming team - “They’re a good football team”, he will say.

Whether or not the Chiefs test Revis in this game will tell us far more about his supposed decline.

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