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Chris Conley says Chiefs are re-energized after fluke performance last week

KC Chiefs receiver Chris Conley agreed with a reporter who asked if last week’s game against the Houston Texans felt like a fluke. It wasn’t a shot at the Texans because it’s true ... three turnovers and sloppy football is unusual for a team that’s averaging 10-plus wins a season under the current regime.

Conley told reporters that the Chiefs are re-energized and ready for the Jets when he was asked what the atmosphere around Arrowhead was like this week.

“It’s good,” Conley said via quotes from the Chiefs. “There’s no time in this league to dwell on a loss or dwell on a win. So, we took one day to think about that. We looked at the film, and analyzed ourselves, and saw all the mistakes that we made and we came in here and said, ‘Hey, this can’t happen if we want to be a good football team.’ So, we’re re-energized, we’re focused and we’re ready for the Jets.”

Looking at recent Chiefs history concerns me a little. The Chiefs tend to lose games in chunks. Last year, the five games they lost came in five consecutive weeks. The 2014 season saw losing streaks of two and three games. The 2013 season had two losing streaks of three games each. The Chiefs can take a big step in the right direction by squashing this on Sunday against the Jets.

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