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Trent Green on the call for Jets-Chiefs game this weekend

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The Kansas City Chiefs will be see a familiar face on Sunday against the New York Jets: Trent Green. The broadcast pairings are out for CBS and Greg Gumbel and Trent Green will be calling the Jets-Chiefs game this weekend at Arrowhead.

This will be good for Chiefs fans to get some of the hometown flavor. Trent Green was in Kansas City from 2001-06 and holds plenty of passing records that Alex Smith is hoping to break one day. (Actually, I looked it up and Trent has roughly twice as many yards and touchdown passes so maybe not)

Green’s last year in Kansas City was 2006 (thanks to this guy) but he didn’t retire until the 2009 when he got into broadcasting. In just a few years he’s become one of the top broadcasters for CBS, which is an impressive rise.