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Texans player says he didn’t flop against the Chiefs

Andy Reid was upset with a key play in the Kansas City Chiefs 19-12 loss to the Houston Texans. Tyreek Hill returned a kickoff 105 yards for what appeared to be a critical touchdown late in Sunday’s game but the referees pinged Steven Nelson with a holding call. Reid said on Monday that if this were the NBA, the Texans player (Charles James) would’ve been called for flopping, suggesting he tricked the referee into the holding call.

Predictably, that Texans player disagrees with Reid.

"I got blocked, in my back," James said per the Houston Chronicle. "So, you get blocked in your back and you fall. Nah man, this ain't basketball. It's kind of hard to flop in football."

It’s one of those plays where you might see it differently depending on which sideline you’re standing on. Although I will point out this Texans writer mentioned the player “sells it” which would suggest there was something to sell ... like a flop.

The play must’ve really gotten to Reid because he mentioned it a couple of times when talking to the media this week.

It’s Wednesday and we’re still talking about this. OK, I’m done with it.

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