Rating (Almost) Every John Dorsey Draft Pick

Howdy there, ladies and gents! It's your old pal ChiefsEnthusiast, and since I'm still sickened and disgusted with that last Texans game, I figured I'd talk some football to help get the bad taste out of my mouth. TO do that, I decided to do a retrospective on the four draft classes of the John Dorsey era, and give an alphabet grade to every single player we've taken. Obviously the jury is still out on this year's class (although I like Chris Jones a lot) and last year's isn't very clear, but what the heck. Also, just because I hate myself, on all picks graded lower than a B, I'll include a "Could Have Had" section to torture ourselves. I also will not evaluate this latest draft, it's too damn early to tell on anyone. Let's go!

2013 Draft

Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan: B+

Big Fish has finally, finally, started to look like he's coming into his own. He had a couple of penalties against Houston, but successfully blocked JD Clowney for a good portion of the game. I remember him looking good through the San Diego game as well, so I'm positive about where he's heading. Took a lot longer to get to this level than I had hoped, but I'm optimistic about his future

Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinatti: A-

A not-so-fun fact for you guys: Kelce has gotten double-digit targets just twice in his career, in the Wild Card game and Green Bay game of 2015. However, with the limited targets he gets (while the offense somehow is still targeting fucking Demetrius Harris every week) he has proven to be a stud player: In 2015, he was targeted 103 times, catching 72 passes for 875 yards and 5 TDs, a catch rate of 69% (nice) with a YPR of 12.2 yards. So if he was targeted the same number of times as, say, Rob Gronkowski (120) he would have 83 catches for 1012 yards. Kelce is highly underused in this offense, and that's a crime.

Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas: B-

Davis has been a very good role-player since we brought him in. He's not a starting RB, but he has been very reliable on ST plays and, in the pre-Spencer Ware era, was a capable-if-unspectacular backup. His play in the 2013 WC game was very good even if that game sucked, and he filled his role nicely when asked to. I call that a success.

Nico Johnson, LB, Alabama: F

He's out of the league now, after being cut by the Giants for failing his physical after bouncing around practice squads. Total bust.

Could Have Had: David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado

Sanders Commings, DB, Georgia: D-

Was never able to stay healthy, so I'm being lenient here. Out of the league due to health, not bad play like Johnson. Bust.

Could Have Had: Tharold Simon, CB, LSU

Eric Kush, OL, California (PA): C-

Was our backup for two years before being waived for second-round rookie Morse. Currently on the Bears. Not a bust, but not good either.

Could Have Had: Latavius Murray, RB, UCF

Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas State: F

Was cut after Sherman took the Chiefs by storm. Out of the league now. Bust.

Could Have Had: Nobody

Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton: C

Had an okay-ish rookie year, got sick in 2014 and landed on the IR, and started for the Jets last week as a LB. I wish him luck, but he was middling as a Chief.

Could Have Had: God this draft sucked

2014 Draft

Dee Ford, DE, Auburn: C

Ford has not shown us enough to make us believe he's a long-term OLB answer. I'm willing to give him this year, but we should probably prepare for the worst on this one.

Could Have Had: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU; Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville; Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

Philip Gaines, CB, Rice: B-

Gaines has been good when he's on the field, and I think injury concerns are not really a problem to worry about now. With time on the field, he will continue to get even better.

De'Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon: C

DAT has been here. Not too much else. He's good on ST, although his role looks to have been taken by Tyreek Hill, and contributes very little at all on offense. Giant ball of Meh.

Could Have Had: Bene Benwikere, CB, San Jose State

Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia: D

Third string for two years, then released. Bust.

Could Have Had: AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama

Zach Fulton, G, Tennessee: B-

Was a starter week one of his rookie year, now a solid backup G. Not bad at all for the sixth round.

Laurent Duvarney-Tardif, G, McGill: B--

Now a starting G, although he played poorly last year he didn't look too bad against SD in my opinion. Still, finding a starter in the sixth deserves a little kudos.

2015 Draft

Marcus Peters, CB, Washington: A

No disputing this, Peters is an animal. Gives up some big plays? Sure. Allows a fair amount of yards? Definitely. Turnover machine and physical beast? Absolutely. Peters star is only rising from here.

Mitch Morse, C, Missouri: A

Morse was rock-solid as a rookie, and although he had a bad day against the Houston D-line last week, he's still a good C. Very, very happy with this pick.

Chris Conley, WR, Georgia: B--

I hated the Conley pick at the time, saying he was a workout warrior and wasn't ready. Well, I'm still not sure how to feel, but he looks much better on the field this year. Looks the part of a #2 WR, even though that's not a very glamorous job in an Andy Reid offense.

Steven Nelson, CB, Oregon State: C+

Nelson was okay last year, and he's seeing the field more now. I think he's developing well.

Could Have Had: Justin Hardy, WR, ECU

Ramik Wilson, LB, Georgia: C

Wilson played well last year, to my eyes at least, but is on the practice squad now after losing the competition with Justin March-Lillard and being edged out by STer DJ Alexander. Not great, but not bad.

Could Have Had: Kwon Alexander, LB, LSU

DJ Alexander, LB, Oregon State: C

STer and a backup ILB. Kind of meh for now.

Could Have Had: Nobody of Note

James O'Shaughnessy, TE, Illinois State: C

Looked great prior to his injury last year, has not impressed me at all so far this year. I'll give him time, but he's the 4th TE.

Could Have Had: Nobody of Note

Rakeem Nunez-Roches, DE, Southern Miss: C

Backup D-lineman. On the Practice Squad now.

Could Have Had: Nobody of Note

Da'Ron Brown, WR, NIU: F

Practice Squad last year, cut now. Bust.

Could Have Had: La'el Collins, OL, LSU


Overall, the average draft pick's grade was a C, with the most frequently occurring grade being C, which is what I would have guessed before starting this. I look at a C as a success if you're not in the first three rounds, personally, so I'm okay with the amount of meh in the later rounds. (Would have loved to have Verrett in our DB room with Peters, but alas, it's not to be. Same with Bridgewater; although he's not a fantasy stud, I like his play, and think he would have done well here. Hoping for him to recover fully.)

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