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Chiefs second team defense impressed themselves

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The Kansas City Chiefs backups impressed on Thursday night giving up just seven points to the Green Bay Packers. Yeah, yeah, it’s just preseason but a good performance is a good performance.

The Chiefs defensive backups gave up just 206 total yards to the Packers - 143 passing and 63 rushing.

“That was amazing,” Chiefs rookie CB KeiVarae Russell said via quotes from the Chiefs. “That was our twos. To see the twos be able to do that, we already know what our ones can do. Everybody knows what Poe, Marcus Peters, Eric Berry, and Derrick Johnson can do. Everybody in the league knows that. To hold them to seven points and 200 yards of offense, that shows that we have backups that can go out there and play against the best. It is not just the ones. There is not much of a drop off.”

Well, there is definitely a dropoff - both on the Chiefs defense and, more importantly, at the Packers quarterback position. Joe Callahan is no Aaron Rodgers.

Still, it’s encouraging to see. The Chiefs came away from the preseason pretty healthy. Healthy as in they didn’t sustain any new injuries because Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were already out. The Chiefs depth has been tested and will be tested. Another key starter is going to go down at some point and one of the guys who played in last night’s game will be counted on for a big role.