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Andy Reid says Texans player flopped on Tyreek Hill’s called back touchdown

Give it to Andy Reid. He can be funny sometimes, although in this case I think he was being serious.

Reid was asked about Tyreek Hill’s 105-yard touchdown return that was called back due to a suspect holding call on Steven Nelson. We highlighted this play earlier as you can see Nelson (No. 20) right there with the block to spring Tyreek:

Andy Reid said that the Texans player knew he was out-flanked and so that he FLOPPED like he was in the NBA. I can tell Reid wanted to say this flopping line because he said it a couple of times. I would imagine he wasn’t a big fan of that call. Would it have mattered? Probably not. There were a little under three minutes left and the Chiefs had no timeouts left. The Chiefs would have gotten it back with little time, no timeouts and have to drive down the field. Given what they’d done previously in that game, I have no faith they could do that.

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