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Watch how Andy Reid handles Marcus Peters

Andy Reid has been around for a long time. Just like the coach-ism, he never gets too high and never gets too low. He’s an even keeled guy. At least that’s the side that Reid shows the media. I’m sure there’s a little more emotion behind the scenes.

Maybe not as much emotion as Marcus Peters, who had quite the game on Sunday. From giving up big plays and touchdowns to picking off passes, Peters was the definition of up and down. I have some gripes about his play but I’ll take 11 picks in 20 games all day long. The question to me is whether he’s a net positive and without question in my mind he is.

However, the Chiefs probably do want him to check his emotions a little bit. He was flagged for taunting in the Texans game. He gave up a 52-yard pass on the first drive and later a touchdown to DeAndre Hopkins. We’ve seen his emotions get the better of him before (Oakland game last year, San Diego game last week).

This is an interesting situation for Andy Reid because here he has this player who is intercepting passes at a ridiculous rate but you also want him to check his emotions without taking away what makes him great. This is an area where Reid should excel.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star noted how Reid responded to questions about Peters after the game.

“He had some good plays,” Reid said. “And there’s some things he’ll continue to work on. That’s a competitive kid. That happens. He’ll get better at that.”

Reid was asked three more times about Peters’ gifts and curses, and somehow managed to both acknowledge the faults but maintain focus on the strengths.

This is classic Big Red. I’m always fascinated how he handles various issues because he is an expert at leadership. He will not kick his players when they’re down but he also doesn’t completely ignore reality.

I’m not sure I have much of a point here other than to point out that Reid is good at handling his guys and I trust that he will handle whatever he needs to with Peters (if there is anything because Peters yesterday was still a net positive).

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