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Tyreek Hill gives Chiefs a glimpse of the impact he can make

It was about halfway through the game when I noticed Tyreek Hill was having a good day on special teams. His first punt return went for 16. The next one went for 32 yards. He is fast and he knows it as he would try to stretch the field and out run the Texans defenders, and he did a pretty good job with it.

Not only were his returns strong, he was excellent as a gunner on special teams. Whenever Dustin Colquitt punted, Tyreek was not far from the ball when the Texans return man caught it. Sam Mellinger of the KC Star wasn’t kidding when he said Tyreek could make a Pro Bowl one day based on his special teams play.

Tyreek was part of the reason the Chiefs could play so badly and yet kept it competitive (mostly). There was one play that nearly broke the game wide open and it showed the type of impact that Tyreek can have.

The Texans had just scored to make it 19-9 with a little under three minutes left. The Chiefs had just kicked a field goal on their previous drive so they had a little offensive momentum but scoring 10 points in three minutes without a big play? No one was feeling confident.

The Texans kicked off and Tyreek took the ball, hit the seam and boom. He was off! There was one man to beat but Steven Nelson blocked him and Tyreek was celebrating six a few seconds later.

You know what happened next. The penalty flag came out. Holding.

The refs didn’t say who but the broadcast pinpointed it on Nelson (20), who was making the block that helped spring Tyreek. The frustrating part - well, it’s all frustrating, actually - is that there’s a 100 percent chance (or so) that Tyreek would’ve shook that Texan in the open field and scored anyway.

This type of game shows you the importance of special teams. It can help you win games.

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